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The Ritz Carlton Hotel in St. James officially reopened its doors for business today after being closed for approximately two months to repair damage from flood rains in April.
More than 300 of the 427 rooms on the property are now being marketed and according to General Manager, Martin Nicholson, the full complement of rooms would be available by the end of July.
Mr. Nicholson, who was addressing a cocktail reception held on the property on June 30 to mark the reopening, said that the hotel had been able to move from a situation where it was almost crippled in April, to now being able to accept visitors, because of the cooperation and support it received from the Ministry of Tourism, the business community, purveyors, workers and even its competitors. “I want to tell you that it is the spirit of cooperation for which we are famous as Jamaicans, which has made us come through in this 60-day period, and made us recover”, he stated.
Minister of Tourism, Aloun Ndombet Assamba, who cut the ribbon to reopen the property, underscored the positives that have emanated from the partnerships among industry players.
“In the time that I have been Minister, I have seen this partnership at work, and when people speak to me about the successes that we have been enjoying in tourism, I always respond by saying, it is not just my success, it is the success of all the partners who we work with”, she said.
She also paid tribute to the workers within the industry, whom she said, have played a key role in encouraging return visits.

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