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The Registrar General’s Department (RGD), is currently conducting a mobile service in four primary schools in Portland, to enable students without proper birth certificates to acquire these documents.
This began on Monday, January 25 with the target being students who will be sitting the GSAT examinations in March, for whom the possession of proper birth certificates is a requirement.
The schools involved are Windsor Castle All-age, Manchioneal All-age, Fellowship Primary and Junior High and Boundbrook Primary. The services being offered are birth certificate application, late registration, re-registration, addition of father’s particulars and correction of error.
Bryan Aikman, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations at the RGD, told JIS News that the operation was implemented by the department in response to the overwhelming need for birth certificates by students in primary schools throughout the country.
He noted that the programme would also be conducted in other parishes, in time to enable students sitting the GSAT examination to obtain birth certificates at a minimum cost before the date of the examination.
Mr. Aikman explained that the RGD had secured the co-operation of the Ministry of Education, and was working closely with the Principal of the schools in making arrangements for the implementation of the programme.
He added that the service being provided could also be accessed by students of other schools, as the venues were strategically located to accommodate other applicants.

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