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A team from the Registrar General’s Department (RGD), led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Patricia Holness, conducted a two-day outreach at the Jamaican High Commission in London this week, providing face-to-face civil registration services to Jamaicans in the United Kingdom.
Dr. Holness told JIS News that the team was able to address registration challenges being faced by individuals who migrated to the UK in the 1950s and 1960s. Additionally, 21 applications were made for birth certificates to support renewal of Jamaican passports and handling of social care issues.
“Where there were inconsistencies in the spelling and use of names which could be classified as errors of fact, the RGD team was able to secure evidence sufficient to have the applications processed.
Additionally, the team accepted applications for death certificates, to support applications for the probating of wills in Jamaica and to provide evidence of the death of executors in the case of land transactions,” she said.
The accessibility of the RGD’s electronic database to the outreach team made electronic searches more successful for all the civil information.
Members of the RGD team, which also included Cecile Banton, and Dr. Damian Ffriend, were visiting with the Jamaica National Building Society for its Doing Business in Jamaica Tour. Also on board were the National Land Agency and the Passport and Immigration Services. The tour included public meetings in Manchester, Birmingham and London.
“The RGD was also able to accept applications, which included genealogical research and birth certificates, along with informing members of the Diaspora regarding the developments at the RGD and the services available to them. The public was very pleased to learn that applications and payments via a credit card can be done on the RGD’s website. This makes the process much easier for them and allows them to personally, from within the UK, transact their business with the RGD,” Dr. Holness said. The CEO thanked Acting High Commissioner, Sharon Saunders; Community Relations Officer, Delores Cooper and the staff of the High Commission and the Jamaica Information Service for their support in identifying areas of concern and ensured that previous cases, which might not have been cleared, were resubmitted.
She said the response of the customers and other members of the Jamaican community was overwhelmingly positive, with many requesting that the RGD return shortly and for a longer duration, to allow others to experience the satisfaction of having their difficult cases resolved.

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