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The resurfacing and drain construction work undertaken by the National Works Agency (NWA) on the Goodens River to Glasgow main road in Westmoreland has been completed.
In an Interview with JIS News, the NWA’s Manager, Communication and Customer Services Department, Stephen Shaw, explained that the work, which was done at a cost of just over $5 million involved the resurfacing of approximately 2,700 square metres of roadway and the construction of 305 metres of concrete drains. He said the work also entailed lifting of the roadway.
Mr. Shaw noted that the work was undertaken by the NWA as part of that agency’s flood mitigation effort within the parish of Westmoreland, as the roadway was badly scoured, and was often left inundated after heavy rains in that part of the parish.
With the completion of the roadway, the residents have expressed concern about the width of the bridge at the Three Miles River section of the road, and its capacity to deal with the free flow of water that runs under it when it rains.
Mr. Shaw said that the NWA was aware of the concerns, and that his agency was now in the process of redesigning the bridge in order to accommodate the increase run-off that is expected, following the completion of the drainage and resurfacing of the road.
He added that as soon as the design work was completed, the NWA would deal with the matter.

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