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Minister of Information and Development, Senator Colin Campbell, has said that last week’s announced restriction on liquids during air travel would have a negative impact on the national economy.
The Information Minister, who was speaking with JIS News in New York recently, noted that the new rules, as outlined by the United States Department of Homeland Security and the British Department of Transportation on August 9, would affect the sale of rum at the island’s two international airports.
According to Minister Campbell, Jamaicans living abroad and those travelling overseas, purchased an average of two bottles of rum when travelling, and this pattern had caught on with tourists as well.
“If you average the passenger movement out of Jamaica on a daily or weekly basis, you will see that it will have a tremendous (negative) impact on not only the business at the airports but the business of rum sales and export from Jamaica,” he stated.
Meanwhile, the Information Minister informed that all relevant sectors of the government have been asked to begin work on determining the potential fall-out from the travel restrictions.
He said it was very critical that projections be done immediately, “so that we can have an approach to finding a solution as quickly as possible”.
Minister Campbell was in New York as part of a Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller-led delegation attending a series of events celebrating the island’s 44th anniversary of Independence.
The uncovering of a plot by terrorists to use liquid explosives to blow up airlines en route to the United States from England, led to the institution of new security measures for airlines operating into both countries, including those from the Caribbean.
As such, passengers are not allowed to carry in their hand luggage, any liquids or gel-based products, with the exception of baby formula and medication.

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