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Despite the threat of rain, residents of the Admiral Town community in South St. Andrew turned out to assist in the renovation of the Enid Anglin community centre, to serve as an emergency shelter.
The project is the official activity for Kingston and is one of two being undertaken by the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC). The scope of work involves re-roofing of the facility, replacing ceiling and doors and tree planting.
Parish coordinator for the KSAC, Vastine Walker, told JIS News that the repair work was in recognition of the importance of the centre, which served as an emergency shelter during Hurricane Ivan last September, and was also in reference to the Labour Day theme: ‘Prepare for Disaster Recover Faster’.
“During our last hurricane, we had to shelter most persons and we came up with the idea that we would work on community centres where these centres were being used to shelter persons,” she said.
Mrs. Walker said the gesture to refurbish the 32 year-old centre, which was named in honour of past Councillor Enid Anglin, was welcomed by residents of the community. “I think this is a good idea, the persons in the community have welcomed it. We have over 150 persons here from morning, working with the enthusiasm and zeal to make the centre ready,” she pointed out.
Former Councillor Emelia Tucker, in expressing his approval, said the move to prepare the community centre as a shelter, was a positive one, to provide residents with a safe haven in the event of a disaster. “We know that if there is a disaster, people will really need somewhere to shelter; it’s a very good move,” he told JIS News.
He also had high praises for the level of participation of the residents, many of whom were out from as early as 7:30 a.m. In addition, he said, persons were being briefed as to the steps to take in the event of a hurricane.
Meanwhile, lifelong resident Barrington Ayre, told JIS News that the repairs would secure the roof, which was extensively damaged during the last hurricane. “If the rain even come, it won’t be no threat to the place anymore, he said optimistically.
One other community member Leebert Campbell said the centre was an integral part of the community and deserving of the improvement work. “It’s a rescue place in terms of a hurricane. I am all for it, it’s an integral part of the community activities. Everything is held here,” he pointed out.
Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for the area Finance Minister Dr. Omar Davies paid a visit to the site early this morning to appraise and give his support to the work being done.
The KSAC contributed some $47,000 towards the repair of the facility.

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