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The community of Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth turned out in full force last Saturday (Sept.16) to participate in the cleaning up of beaches in observance of International Coastal Clean-up Day.Eric Morrison, Project Manager for the Treasure Beach Foundation (BREDS), which organised the event, said that the day was a “huge success”.
“We had a large turn out of persons from the Treasure Beach Benevolent Women Society (TBBWS), the environmental club of the Sandy Bank Primary School and other civic-minded persons, who came to help in the cleaning of the Great Bay, Calabash Bay, Frenchman and Billy’s Bay beaches” he told JIS News.
Mr. Morrison informed that “15 bags of garbage were collected with items ranging from plastic bottles to sea weeds and even debris that were washed ashore from Hurricane Ivan”. He noted that the garbage bags were donated by Treasure Tours.
The enthused Project Manager said he was “proud to see how the community members came out to help in cleaning the beaches and how persons were willing to cooperate in completing the task”. The day ended with a get-together at the Jack Sprat restaurant in the community.
The cleaning of the four beaches ties in with an environmental programme by the Treasure Beach community to become Green Globe certified.
Formed in 1998, BREDS is a non-governmental organization, which promotes education, sports, cultural heritage, health and environmental awareness.

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