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Donald Buchanan, Minister of Water and Housing, on January 12, handed over titles and letters of intent to occupants of rental units in Tivoli Gardens and Darling Street, commonly known as Lizard Town.The presentation was made at the Tivoli Gardens Community Centre in Western Kingston.
Five hundred and forty two (542) apartments in the high-rise section of Tivoli Gardens, and 96 two-bedroom units in Lizard Town, which were occupied on a rental basis, have been made available for ownership to the occupants by the Ministry.
“Occupants of these units are on a rental basis and today marks the beginning of the process of ensuring their security of tenure by way of purchase and provision of titles,” Minister Buchanan stated. The price of the units were arrived at after consultation between the Ministry and Member of Parliament for the area, Edward Seaga, with the two bedroom and one bedroom units being sold for $35,000 and $25,000 respectively.
“In arriving at a price for the units, the Ministry took into consideration the recommendation of your Member of Parliament and it is at this point that we have arrived at the following decision,” said the Housing Minister.
Residents are expected to pay a deposit of no less than 20 per cent on signing of the sale agreements and will be given a further six months to complete payment.
The sale of the units are part of the Ministry’s efforts over the past five years, to divest itself of townhouses and condominiums in the corporate area.
The Ministry has successfully sold units in Trench Town, Duhaney Park, McIntyre Lands and Orange Villas.Minister Buchanan highlighted the benefits of home ownership and urged the residents to take care of their homes. “It provides a feeling of security and self worth, it improves our financial status as it can be used as a collateral to access loans for a variety of purposes and it allows you to leave an inheritance for your children or other members of your family,” he said.
He further added, “I would like to point out however, that homeownership also carries responsibilities. While government has a pivotal role to play in creating communities and providing necessary amenities, once this is done, it is your responsibility to care and protect them. Remember home ownership is an investment and as with any investment, you have to take steps to protect it and ensure its success”.
The Minister also took the opportunity to hail outgoing Opposition Leader and Member of Parliament, Edward Seaga. “The love and commitment that Mr. Seaga has for his constituents led him to approach the Ministry of Housing and propose the sale of rented units in Tivoli to longstanding occupants,” he noted.
“I therefore want to lend my voice to the many who have paid tribute to Mr. Seaga for his 43 years of service to this constituency. Given his announcement that he will demit office shortly, this ceremony is quite a fitting tribute to one, who has dedicated over 40 years of his life to this community,” he added.
Mr. Seaga thanked the Ministry and congratulated the new homeowners. “What is being done is to fulfill your dream of owning your own homes. I congratulate you all as homeowners to be,” he stated.
In bidding farewell to his constituents, Mr. Seaga said, “it is not goodbye, but so long”.
The handing over process will continue next week where further titles and letters will be presented. The Tivoli Gardens community was built in 1963.

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