JIS News

Director of Administration at the St. Ann Parish Council, Claudiah Carter is appealing to the residents to come out and support Labour Day activities in the parish.
“The theme for Labour Day is ‘Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty’ and in keeping with this theme, a number of projects have been selected by various persons within the communities in St. Ann,” she said.
A total of 25 projects have been registered to date and the scope of work includes the cleaning and painting of bus shelters, planting of trees, bushing of sidewalks and the cleaning of drains, among others. The parish project is the beautification of Lawrence Park.
Mrs. Carter told JIS News that “a number of persons have indicated their interest in participating in these projects. The St. Ann police in particular, have indicated that they will be coming out in their numbers to participate in our parish project.”
In terms of the parish project, she informed that the plan of work would include the refurbishing of the water fountain, planting of flowers and fencing of the area.
“A number of activities are being held at Lawrence Park on a regular basis and we thought that if we could fence the area and try to keep the property in a good condition, then more activities would take place there and it would be a beautiful sight to behold,” she said.
She mentioned that agencies such as the Forestry Department and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) would be working closely with the St. Ann Parish Council to achieve positive outcomes.
“I think Labour Day at Lawrence Park will be in full gear come Tuesday, May 23 at 8 o’clock and I am calling upon the residents of St. Ann’s Bay and all other communities within St. Ann to participate in a project on Labour Day and help make Jamaica beautiful,” Mrs. Carter stated.