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In an effort to maintain a clean and healthy environment, a group of residents participated in a clean-up and beautification project in the Silverstone community in Portmore, St. Catherine on Sunday, July 17.
The activity was carried out with financial support from the St. Catherine Co-operative Credit Union.President of the Silverstone Citizens’ Association, Donald Christie told JIS News that a fair amount of work was done, although the bad weather prevented some people from taking part.
He said that land in front of the Silverstone Housing Scheme was bushed and cleared of debris and there was also bushing of weeds around the gullies and the bus stand.
Mr. Christie pointed out that the gullies in the area, which had a lot of water as a result of Hurricane Emily, would be cleared as soon as the water has receded.
He said that the Association was “very pro-active” and would not sit and wait for their community to be cleaned by the relevant authorities.
“Silverstone is a type of society that does not wait. If we are supposed to do it and we know that we can get support to do it, we’re going to go ahead and do it,” he said.
Before the clean-up, Mr. Christie said the front of the community was very “bushy” and this created conditions for the breeding of mosquitoes and rats. He also noted that persons had begun to dump garbage in the tall grass.
Marketing Officer at the St. Catherine Co-operative Credit Union, Winston Donald told JIS News that the organization was willing to provide assistance because of the type of project and the interest shown by members of the Association to do something for their community.
“This was a group which wanted to do something for their community and was interested in their community. The nature of the project appealed to us and we decided to go on board by offering financial assistance,” he said.
He said the Co-operative was willing to assist other groups, as long as a project is beneficial to the community.

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