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Residents of the Rock community in Clarendon are to benefit from a rehabilitated water supply system, which is being done with assistance from the German Government, in collaboration with the Lions Club of May Pen.
German Ambassador to Jamaica, Dr. Christian Hausmann toured the site, along with members of the Lions Club, yesterday (December 13).
The Ambassador told JIS News that the contribution of his government to the project was valued at about $600,000, which included materials for the project.
He noted that partnership with the community was very important. “The idea is to do something useful in a community, where the community itself is able to contribute by providing the labour or materials, or both .and so improve their condition of living,” the Ambassador said.
Aldo Brown, President of the Lions Club of May Pen told JIS News that the project involved the removal of mud and silt from a tank, which held more than 1.9 million litres of water, in addition to painting the inside of the tank, repairing cracks in the catchment area and enclosing the property.
The project commenced on November 15 and residents are expected to begin accessing water by February 2005.

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