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Some 27 land titles were officially handed over to residents of the Rhymesbury community in Clarendon by the National Land Agency (NLA) on February 24.The titles handed out were part of 39 titles that have been prepared for lots in the scheme.
The ceremony took place at the Gravel Hill community centre in the parish.
Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Land and Environment, Dean Peart pointed out that to date, 359 titles had been obtained for the Rhymesbury area, in addition to the 27 which were issued by the NLA.
“Some 103 titles have been issued to allottees, and 123 titles are available for the project land lease scheme, which is to be converted to freehold. The remaining 133 titles in office cannot be issued as a result of allottees who have died or who cannot be found,” he said.
The Minister explained further that an additional 66 titles were being prepared for that community, 34 of which were expected to be available in the next three months.
Member of Parliament for southwest Clarendon, Charles Learmond expressed pleasure at the move made by the NLA to provide titles for the Rhymesbury area.
“In 2002, we had a number of cane farmers and dairy farmers receiving titles. Today, I’m extremely happy to see that another set of people are receiving titles for their lots,” he said.
He urged representatives of the NLA to complete outstanding titles before the end of the year, particularly for the farmers, as they required titles to access funds for further investment in farming.

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