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Portmore’s Mayor George Lee has appealed to residents of the borough of Waterford to co-operate with the field testing team from the Ministry of Health, who were in the community to identify cases of malaria and destroy mosquito breeding sites.
Mayor Lee, who made the appeal at a January 10 meeting of the Portmore Municipal Council, said he had received reports that residents were resisting the efforts of the field team, as they tried to carry out interviews and screenings.
“I have to appeal to all citizens to please co-operate with the health department because .your family can be affected, so everyone should co-operate to make certain that the team carries out its duties thoroughly and efficiently,” he stated.
Mayor Lee pointed out that the Municipal Council had played its part in the process by transporting the health team around the community and providing them with access to a number of areas.
He said it was foolhardy for persons to resist the efforts of the health workers as they sought to ensure the good health of the community’s residents.