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Scores of residents from the community of Islington in St. Mary, benefitted from free HIV testing and counselling, at a health fair, organised by the St. Mary Health Department.
The event, held recently at the Islington Community Centre, was part of activities to mark World AIDS Day. HIV positive persons were sensitised about the importance of following the medical advice they received and adhering to the treatment prescribed.
Among other services provided were blood sugar and blood pressure tests, and counselling to parents and children, to encourage more effective parenting in the society.
Among the organisations providing services on the day were the Child Development Agency, the HIV Prevention and Control Programme, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and LIME.
Behaviour Change and Communications Officer for the St. Mary Health Department, Omar Marston, said he was satisfied with the day’s activities, noting that the objectives of increasing awareness about HIV/AIDS, and providing general health care and advice to the people of the Islington community, were achieved.
He said he was pleased at the number of residents who requested HIV tests, noting that the results were made available on the same day.
According to Mr. Marston, the St. Mary Health Department feels a sense of satisfaction in being able to serve the parish and he urged residents to co-operate with the Department to ensure good health standards in St. Mary.

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