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The Cross Keys Health Committee in Manchester will begin a series of events tomorrow (May 6), to promote proper ways of disposing solid waste, and to inform residents of the health risks associated with the improper disposal of garbage.
At a meeting to be held at Bottom Shop in the community, residents will be addressed by Local Government officials, health inspectors, personnel from the local committee, and a special address from Customer Service Officer from the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWA), Staceyann Anderson.
“This is a public health symposium, and speakers will speak about the effects of solid waste on water quality, and on health in general. And to educate the public, we will be having a poster competition, and a receptacle completion,” said Public Inspector assigned to the Cross Keys community, Terone Nish, in an interview with JIS News.
The poster competition will target early childhood institutions in the area, and the sole high school in the community, Cross Keys High. “Our prize-giving ceremony will be held on May 21, at the St. Joseph’s Catholic auditorium, and followed by a fund-raising Gospel concert at the same venue. And on May 24, we will end the campaign with a clean-up day in the community,” Miss Nish said.
On May 16, the group will have its official launching ceremony for the events at a church service, to be held at the New Broughton United Church of God, in Cross Keys. The events will be held under the theme: ‘Clean Community is a Healthy Community’.

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