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Scores of residents turned out at the Albert Town High School in Trelawny yesterday (May 29), to benefit from the services offered by the Registrar’s General Department (RGD) mobile team.
“We realize that there is not an office in this area so we’ve come to this community to allow persons to apply for their certificates for marriage, death, birth, adoption and deed poll documents, late registration and late entry of name,” said RGD’s Mobile Outreach Co-ordinator, Lauren Andrade. “We know that the nearest office to this area of Trelawny would be the Mandeville office so we decided to come here today to allow persons to access our services,” she added.
“All that these persons need to do is to come and pay for their searches and as soon as we do the search, then we can determine the forms that they are supposed to get,” she noted, advising that those who already had the relevant forms, can get them checked by the team to ensure that they are filled out correctly.
Meanwhile, residents were overjoyed and waited patiently in line to access the services provided by the RGD’s mobile team.
Charles Turner, a resident of Freeman’s Hall, told JIS News that he is happy that the RGD decided to visit the area. “I am glad for this opportunity because my little seven-year old grandson was not registered, so I’m here to register him today,” he said.
“I feel so good about this thing that the RGD is doing because I was not in a position to go up to Mandeville,” noted Charmaine Brown, another resident of Freeman’s Hall. “I registered my child but I do not have the correct birth certificate so I’m happy for the RGD here today,” she added.
As part of the activities to mark Child’s Month, the RGD’s mobile outreach team has been visiting parishes across the island to inform citizens about the importance of birth registration and to offer the various services of the organization.
The team will be visiting the Bustamante Hospital for Children on May 31; the Retreat Church in Trelawny on June 5; and the Stewart Town Apostolic Church, Gayle Health Centre, Beulah Palace, and Enfield Health Centre in St. Mary on June 13, 19, 25 and 27, respectively.
Persons, who wish to benefit from services, can call the RGD at 984-3041, extension 2071.

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