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As part of their Labour Day activities, members of the Mandela Terrace community in East Central St. Andrew came out today (May 23), to participate in the beautification of their community.
Michael Forth, President of the Mandela Terrace Land Development Project told JIS News that the beautification programme was very important as “we want to bring a new lift and a new life to our community.”
“The residents are out in their numbers trying to make this a possibility. We are also on a fence removal project inside the community to eradicate all the dilapidated zinc fences, so we are starting from the front and then we are going in,” said Mr. Forth.
He added that, “the entrance to every community, we have to beautify it so when people pass and see the beautiful entrance to the community, then it will give a more uplifting prospect to the residents that are in the community.”
“This will lift members of the community from the stigma of violence and crime. We have a follow-up programme, and we will continue throughout the year in doing whatever project that is to be done in the community,” said Mr. Forth.
Minister of National Security and Member of parliament for the area, Dr. Peter Phillips also participated in the activities in the Mandela Terrace community.
“The Mandela Terrace community is a unique community and what they are doing is fixing a park, and they are going to put up a wall to separate the gully and to protect them against flooding,” said Dr. Phillips.
“This community is one of those that were a part of the first Operation Pride programme. I think most people have been transformed from what used to be called squatters or informal settlers to land owners with their title,” he said.
Dr. Phillips said that as a result of the Operation Pride Programme, members in the community are doing a lot of home improvement work.
“The group that is involved with today’s project has decided not only to do home improvement, but community improvement work; to start a park and then ultimately to provide the flood protection,” said Dr. Phillips.
In addition to participating in the Labour Day activities at Mandela Terrace, the Minister also visited the Half-Way-Tree Primary School, Dunrobin Primary School and Waltham Park Road.
This year national Labour Day is being celebrated under the theme: ‘Honouring Our Ancestors. Strengthening Communities’.

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