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Restoration work on the Yallahs pipeline, which was severely damaged during the passage of Hurricanes Dennis and Emily last month, should be completed in the next few weeks.
This assurance has come from Charles Buchanan, Corporate Communications Manager at the National Water Commission (NWC), who told JIS News that the damage to the Yallahs pipeline, where large sections of the pipeline were lost, was the most significant single area of damage the NWC sustained from both hurricanes.
“We expect that within the next few weeks, we will be able to put back the Yallahs pipeline into operation and deliver water, not only to the Mona reservoir in Kingston, but also to be able to operate a small water supply system in the Llandewy Valley area of St. Thomas, which is also supplied by the Yallahs pipeline,” Mr. Buchanan said.
Continuing, he noted that completion of the repairs was dependent on good weather conditions, as some of the areas in which work would be carried out were susceptible to flooding during heavy rainfall. “In some parts, we have to be working inside the river bed along parts of the Yallahs River,” he pointed out.
Meanwhile, the NWC is reporting that following restoration works carried out after last month’s hurricanes, most of its water supply systems islandwide are back in operation.
“At the moment, with few exceptions in very small areas, our systems are back in operation. We estimate that about 98 per cent of our production capacity is back to what it would have been prior to Hurricanes Dennis and Emily,” Mr. Buchanan informed.

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