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Repair work being carried out on the Hanover Infirmary by the Hanover Parish Council is well advanced, and should be completed in another two weeks.
According to Mayor of Lucea and Chairman of the Hanover Parish Council, Lloyd Hill, approximately $2.7 million granted by the Local Government Department is being used to carry out the repair work on the facility. He said the scope of works includes repairing the roof of both the male and female wards, the bathrooms, kitchen, dining area and walkways.
In an interview with JIS News, Mayor Hill pointed out that the repair work on the Infirmary is part of a major plan the Hanover Parish Council has for the facility. He explained that plans are in place to construct two new wards at the facility, with the assistance of the CHASE Fund which has given a commitment to provide $20 million towards this undertaking. The Department of Local Government has also given a commitment to assist if this sum is inadequate to complete the work.
“Based on the estimates carried out, $20 million will not be able to complete construction of two new wards for the residents at the infirmary, and the Department of Local Government is very much aware of this and will be doing a site visit soon to see how best they can assist to ensure that the cost does not go too much beyond that amount,” the Mayor said.
“They (Department of Local Government) have committed themselves to providing the additional funds, if necessary, so that these two wards can be completed as soon as possible,” he added.
Meanwhile Secretary/Manager of the Hanover Parish Council, Patricia Stair, reported at the monthly meeting on June 11, that the fund raiser which was staged recently by the Councillors and staff of the Council for a therapeutic project at the infirmary, netted approximately $170,000.

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