Refurbished Classrooms Re-Open at Mount Rosser Primary

A refurbished block of classrooms and a computer laboratory were re-opened on(December 18), at the Mount Rosser Primary and Infant School in Saint Catherine.
The school, which was established in 1963, currently has 146 primary students, 21 children in the infant department and five teachers.
The work was facilitated by a gift of Can$2,000 from the late Mavis Wilson-Lumsden, who bequeathed the money to the school.
Principal of the school, Webster G. Whittaker, said the money was used to enclose the open classrooms. “Rain, wind and vandals were always disturbing students, teachers and the teaching aids in those rooms,” he said.
He said that the computer centre, which cost over $800,000, was also sponsored in part by Kenneth Smith, son of Ewarton resident, Grace Smith.
The principal explained that a few years ago the school was asked to facilitate two children from the United States until their mother had completed her studies in that country. On her return, it was noticed that the academic standards of the children and their attitude to work had improved dramatically.
He said because of that, Mr. Smith decided to help with the building and furnishing of the computer centre. “We have the computer room now with a ceiling fan, fluorescent lamps and the air-condition unit which cost nearly $300,000,” he said.
“Each classroom will also have one or two computers, so the children will use them, with guidance from the teachers.
Also bringing greetings was noted crime fighter, Superintendent Newton Amos, a past student of the school, who challenged parents to become active in the lives of their children and to participate in school activities.
Educational Psychologist and Consultant, Dr. Glenda Simms also charged parents to help the children understand the many opportunities available through schooling. She also challenged parents to be good role models and encourage students to make the best of their school years.

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