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Persons mailing greeting cards to loved ones overseas can do so at discounted rates this Christmas, as the Postal Corporation of Jamaica has introduced reduced rates for the holiday season.
In an interview with JIS News, Deputy Postmaster General, Michael Gentles advised that the cost reduction in postage for overseas mail was a measure the company usually implemented at Christmas time.
This, he said, was done “to encourage people to send out their Christmas cards as is traditionally done”.
Mr. Gentles explained to JIS News that “basically, it is a $10 rebate”, and would only be granted to persons who opt to mail their letters in unsealed envelopes.
In the case of local letters, for the first 230 grams of mail in unsealed envelopes, the rate is $20, down from the regular postage of $30.
The rate for airmail to the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, Central and South America has been reduced to $50 for each 15 grams, down from the regular $60.
Rates for airmail to Asia, Africa and the Far East has been reduced from $90 to $80 for each 15 grams.
Mr. Gentles said the rates have been in effect from November 1, and would last until December 24.

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