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The Clarendon Parish Council is celebrating Local Government Month (November), by focusing on assisting persons affected by Hurricane Ivan to rebuild their homes and their communities.
This is being done under the theme: ‘Together we can…Renew, reclaim and rebuild communities for a safe and prosperous Jamaica’.
Grandlin Fearon, Acting Director of Administration at the Clarendon Parish Council, told JIS News that the council has as its main activity, a divisional workday in all 22 parochial divisions on November 18.
“In light of Hurricane Ivan, Councillors will be assisting persons, organizations and institutions within their divisions on that day to rehabilitate buildings that were destroyed or partially destroyed. Some Councillors have already donated and distributed material to many of these persons,” she said.
Miss Fearon said that in addition, members of the Poor Relief Committee and other members of staff, will be visiting the Clarendon Infirmary on that workday to assist with the general cleaning of the institution and to care for the inmates.
On November 16, some 22 students from high schools across the parish will convene for a Youth Parish Council meeting, to act as Parish Councillors for the day by discussing issues surrounding divisional representation and managing the affairs of the parish.
The Youth Councillors observed the sitting of the Parish Council Meeting on November 11 in preparation for their meeting.
On November 21, Parish Council representatives are expected to attend a church service to be held at the Alpha Church of God on Chapelton Road in May Pen. The month will close with a fun day on November 30.

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