RADA Working with Organisations to Assist Trelawny Farmers

Several organisations, led by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), are contributing to the hurricane recovery effort by assisting farmers in the parish of Trelawny to begin replanting crops, which were destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in September.
The organisations include Agro-Grace, which will be assisting 50 farmers in the parish by donating seeds, chemicals and fertilizers among other necessary items. Meanwhile, the Trelawny Rotary Club and other service clubs in the parish will also be assisting some farmers. Trelawny Parish Manager for RADA, Donald Robinson told JIS News that these activities were scheduled to begin within the next two weeks.
He noted that RADA had been assessing the hurricane damage to crops and livestock in the Parish, informing that, “to date, some 3,458 assessment forms have been filled out by temporary assessors and have already been submitted to be processed”.
Mr. Robinson mentioned that the farmers would soon be assisted with vouchers that they could use to purchase supplies for their farms. He commended the RADA field officers for the way in which they had been carrying out the assessments and urged their continued support.
Meanwhile, the Parish Manager encouraged the farmers to continue to be patient as the RADA team was working to ensure that each received as much assistance as was possible. “The task is a bit tedious but rest assured that within the next few weeks some form of assistance will reach them,” he stated.

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