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The St. Ann branch of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) has embarked on a farmer re-verification programme in the parish.
Branch Manager of RADA, Pedro Worghs told JIS News that the Extension Officers and Farm Assistants were out in the fields collecting data, so as to re-verify those farmers who were already registered with RADA as well as to register new farmers.
“Alongside the re-verification of farmers, the geographical position of each farm belonging to the registered farmers will also be recorded,” Mr. Worghs informed, noting that the additional data collected for each farmer would be lodged at the RADA parish office and placed on their file on the Information System.
He pointed out that the programme should see RADA’s information system fully updated within the next eight weeks, adding that those registered farmers who probably had migrated, died or were no longer involved in farming activities, would be taken off the records.
Mr. Worghs told JIS News that some 14,500 farmers have been registered in the parish and it was expected that all these registered farmers and their holdings would be checked.
“We have started out slowly, because we have a limited number of extension officers but things are beginning to get better,” he said, urging farmers to co-operate with the Extension Officers when they come around to collect the information.

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