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Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Andrew Gallimore, has said that very soon, the Government would be setting aside five per cent of jobs for disabled persons who are qualified.
“I have full blessing from the government in trying to break the barriers that have been placed in front of persons who are disabled. After discussions with the Prime Minister, I have written letters to all the Permanent Secretaries in the government service, asking them to recommit to the convention of having approximately five per cent of the jobs in the government sector for persons with disabilities,” he informed.
The State Minister was speaking at a Valedictory Service, held at the Constant Spring Church of God in honour of 39 graduates from the Abilities Foundation, on July 29.
According to the State Minister, persons with disabilities face many challenges, including obtaining a job. He outlined that the Abilities Foundation has been asking for assistance in getting trained disabled persons into jobs.
Mr. Gallimore noted that in the past, both public and private sector officials made commitments to allocate jobs to the disabled, but this was never accomplished.
Meanwhile, he urged the graduates to keep a positive attitude despite the odds, because they are ambassadors for other persons with disabilities.
“We need goodwill ambassadors. We need to know that when younger people who are coming up behind you are thinking about doing the hard work that you have done to get qualified, it makes sense to do it, because they see you in a job, and that is going to happen,” he emphasised.
The graduates were trained in the areas of landscaping, furniture making, data entry, construction, horticulture and house keeping. Some of them are HEART certified.