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Justice Leighton Pusey has been appointed to act as a Puisne Judge in the Supreme Court.
He was sworn in today (January 6) at a ceremony presided over by Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke at King’s House.
In his brief remarks, the Governor-General extended congratulations to judges serving in Jamaica, noting that they were upstanding models of duty and honour. Extending congratulations to Mr. Pusey, Sir Howard said that, “you all should be proud as judges, no matter what anyone wants to say”.
He explained that judges were not solely appointed because of their skills, as there were three critical principles – zeal, ability and discretion – that also factored into the decision to make appointments.
Chief Justice Lensley Wolfe, who was on hand for the ceremony, expressed appreciation to the Governor-General for the confidence he has consistently displayed in the judiciary of the country.
“We pledge to do the job of this country. We pledge ourselves to do the job which we are called upon to do in accordance with the Oath that each of us has taken. We assure you that we will never give you cause to grieve the occasion of the swearing in of any judge of the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal,” Mr. Wolfe told Sir Howard.

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