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Public health inspectors in St. James have been deployed to the ports of entry in the parish as part of efforts to contain and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

“As you know, those are front-line areas, therefore, the staffing there is crucial,” Deputy Chief Public Health Inspector, Roshaye McFarlane, told JIS News.

“So at this point, we have adequate staff to cover the airport and seaport,” she noted.

Ms. McFarlane said that the officers have been adequately trained in infection control protocol, which includes the “donning and doffing” of personal protective equipment (PPE).

“So, across the board, we are trained,” she assured.

In the meantime, Ms. McFarlane said the St. James Health Department is imploring citizens to “do everything they can to protect themselves” against COVID-19.

She said that for persons who recently travelled from countries abroad, “we continue to encourage them to do self-quarantine”.

She is advising persons who suspect that they may have symptoms of the COVID-19, to contact the Ministry of Health and Wellness for instructions.

The main contact numbers are 888-754-7792 or at 888-ONE-LOVE (663-5683). Additional numbers to call are 876-542-5998, 876-542-6007 and 876-542-6006.

“They are not supposed to come into the healthcare facilities. Once they call in stating they are having symptoms, the call will be referred to the Medical Officer of Health and a team will be sent to the person to do the assessment and to make any arrangement for the testing of that person,” Ms. McFarlane outlined.

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