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The Office of the Children’s Advocate has embarked on a new public awareness programme with the aim of significantly reducing the level of child abuse. Appealing to parents and guardians in particular to be responsible and careful in protecting their children, the programme comprises a series of public service announcements (PSA) on local radio and television.
Children’s Advocate, Mary Clarke, told JIS News that the campaign is intended to sensitize the Jamaican people about the rights of children, while at the same time encouraging adults to make a difference. “Report cases of child abuse and incidences in which the rights of children are being infringed upon,” the Children’s Advocate implored.
Through the PSAs, which are voiced by media personalities, Jamaicans are reminded that under the Child Care and Protection Act, children have the right to protection from all types of violence and sexual abuse, neglect, trafficking and child labour. “We must ensure the growth and development of our children. Protect their rights, ensure their survival,” Mrs. Clarke said.
A PSA began airing on TVJ and CVM television in the second week of April, which depicts a child being abused by his mother in a supermarket. It shows the reactions of parents and children to abuse in a home setting, and the effect of this abuse on children at a school.
In another PSA, which hit the airwaves in March, parents and guardians are urged to spend quality time with their children by talking with them and listening to their concerns because “if you don’t talk with them.someone else will.”

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