Project to Phase out Ozone Depleting Substances gets $3.49 Million

The Government has allocated $3.49 million for the phasing out of ozone depleting substances in the Estimates of Expenditure which is now before the House of Representatives.
The project seeks to provide for the elimination and consumption of all ozone depleting substances in keeping with commitments under the Montreal Protocol and its respective amendments, to which Jamaica is a party. As contained in the Estimates, the money allocated for this fiscal year will go toward a number of activities including the procurement of equipment to strengthen the National Ozone Unit; facilitating information exchange with other parties; carrying out public awareness activities; disseminating information on new technologies; the promotion and coordination of phase-out actions identified in the country programme, and the celebration of International Ozone Day.
Achievements up to March 2007 include the establishment of a National Ozone Unit, observance of International and Caribbean Ozone Day, and the development and placement of public announcements on ozone depleting substances in the media. The project is being funded by the Government of Jamaica and the United Nations Environmental Programme, and is being implemented by the National Environment and Planning Agency.

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