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A project aimed at raising some $15 million to assist in the acquisition of two Linear Accelerators (LINAC) for the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, and a Kingston hospital, was launched today, September 13.

The activity took place at the offices of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Linear Accelerators represent the latest in technological developments for the treatment of cancer.

The project, dubbed: ‘The Clover Allen Wilson Power Walk’, is being implemented through the collaborative effort of the Rotary Club of Montego Bay, the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Jamaica Association of Administrative Professionals (JAAP), Montego Bay chapter.    

 It will involve several volunteers taking on the challenge of walking the distance between Montego Bay and Kingston.  The aim is to raise funds along the way, and to heighten public awareness of the LINAC project.

The participants will depart Sam Sharpe Square, in Montego Bay, on October 19 to arrive at Emancipation Park, Kingston, on October 21.  The project was named in honour of cancer survivor, Mrs. Clover Allen Wilson, a member of the JAAP.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and Member of Parliament for Central St. James, Lloyd B. Smith, in an address at the press launch, noted that the Cornwall Regional Hospital, which will benefit from the project,  has the potential to become the most revered, equipped and competent hospital in the Caribbean. 

"We have not reached there yet, but we must not give up on that cause,” Mr. Smith said.

The Member of Parliament gave a commitment to contribute $150,000 towards the project from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

"This project points to the fact that as a community we need to come together, and to focus on those things that can enhance the quality of life of our general citizenry,” Mr. Smith said.

"As we all know, the treatment of cancer demands the latest technology, and the latest technology is very expensive, both in terms of acquisition and in terms of maintenance," he added.

He mentioned plans by the Government to improve the offerings at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, by erecting a state-of-the-art Children’s Hospital on the grounds of that facility.

"There is also a project which should start soon, that of upgrading the clinic that is there, so that it can take some of the pressure off the hospital itself," Mr. Smith said, adding that the Government is committed to ensuring that the Cornwall Regional Hospital grows from strength to strength.