JIS News

Government Senator, Floyd Morris, is calling on the private sector to employ more persons with disabilities.

Senator Morris, who was addressing a receptive audience at the recent Inaugural Disability Friendly Awards and Gala Dinner at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel, said that persons with disabilities have demonstrated their capacity to perform academically and would like the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talent in the place of work.

The Senator stated that a number of individuals with disabilities are being trained, but are having challenges in getting employment.

“We would want the private sector, in particular, to join us in employing more persons with disabilities. We see you as a critical partner in this process, because the government has been for years, the lead employer of persons with disabilities. But, we want the private sector, who is supposed to be the major employer in a market economy,” he said.

The Senator, who is blind, pointed out that over the past 50 years, the community of persons with disabilities has been on a journey to improve their quality of life, facing many struggles along the way. He noted that there is much work to be done and promised to step up the advocacy over the next 50 years.

He told his colleagues in the audience, which also included Prime Minister the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, that “when you see me being aggressive and insistent, don’t take it personally, it is not about you. It is all about the rights of persons with disabilities.”