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Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, toured the communities of Rocky Point and Portland Cottage in southeast Clarendon on Sunday (Feb. 27) where she viewed projects, which are being carried out by the British-based international relief agency, OXFAM.
Among the areas visited were the Portland Cottage Community Centre and the Salt Savannah Primary School, where rehabilitative work is being undertaken to repair disaster damage caused by Hurricane Ivan last September.
Since November of 2004, OXFAM has been in the communities repairing hurricane damage and putting facilities in place to aid in the recovery effort.Margaret Harris, English-speaking Caribbean Manager for OXFAM, who briefed Princess Anne on the work being done at Salt Savannah Primary, pointed out that the projects were being funded by the British government.
“In this activity .we were helped and aided ably by funding and support from the Department for International Development (DFID) which is an arm of the British Government. please accept my sincere gratitude for allowing us to be here with you and I hope that .our intervention in areas such as Clarendon, Rocky Point, Salt Savannah and Portland Cottage will continue,” she said.
The Salt Savannah Primary School project is being undertaken at a cost of about $540,000 and includes the upgrading of the sewage system and construction of male and female toilets; construction of a storage room and base for water tanks and the provision of two 1,000-litre water tanks with fittings. The work also involves the removal of debris from the school property.
OXFAM is also rehabilitating the Portland Cottage community centre and the scope of work involves the clearing of debris, construction of the floor base, repairing roofs, windows and doors, installation of sanitary facilities and electrical pipes, painting and the cleaning of the facilities and surrounding areas.
The centre now temporarily houses the St. Peter’s Basic School with a population of 28 students as well as two senior citizens and is to be used as a training centre and health clinic.
Councillor for the Rocky Point Division, Winston Maragh explained to Princess Anne, that OXFAM had carried out extensive work to restore normalcy to the division in the wake of Hurricane Ivan.
He noted that the organization funded the clearing of drains and removal of debris in Portland Cottage, Rocky Point, Water Lane and Lionel Town and the cleaning of the cemetery in Rocky Point.
In addition, the Weslyan Basic School in Rocky Point benefited from the rehabilitation of its sanitary facilities, repair of its roof, the construction of a water distribution point and installation of all electrical wires and fittings. Meanwhile the sanitary facilities and roof of the Gibbs Basic School in Water Lane, located in south Clarendon, was also repaired.
Mr. Maragh also informed, that OXFAM built concrete basements and iron cages for water tanks and provided about 30 water tanks in a number of communities, in addition to material and equipment for the rehabilitation of water catchment systems in north and south Clarendon.
Princess Anne paid a three-day visit to the island from February 25 to 27 to celebrate the 50th anniversary and re-dedication of the Princess Margaret Hospital, which is named for her aunt.
The hospital was officially opened and named by Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret on February 23, 1955.

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