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The Postal Corporation of Jamaica (Postcorp) has further diversified its product offerings, and is now providing ‘occasional mail’ service, particularly to its business clients.
The service will allow businesses and organizations to reach targeted audiences through the distribution of brochures and fliers via the postal service.In an interview with JIS News, Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Postcorp, Dr. Blossom O’Meally Nelson said that the organization has recognized that there is a market for advertising mail.
“The advertising mail market is not really well developed in Jamaica, as people tend to spend a lot of money on radio and television advertising (and) in the print media, but that direct advertising to households and individuals is best facilitated by the post office,” she said.
The CEO explained that the service would be offered in two approaches, one would be geographical mailing, which would allow a business to market its service to persons in specific locations, and the other would be direct mailing, where the fliers or brochures would be addressed to specific individuals.
Geographic mailing, she added, was useful to small or new businesses that were just getting off the ground and wished to reach their clientele in a certain area. “If for example most of the persons you are targeting live in the Portmore area, then you can send out fliers and brochures through the post office and we will get it to the individual addresses,” she explained. The mail would be addressed to “the occupants” and placed in letterboxes.
Dr. O’Meally Nelson said the Postal Corporation was presently ready and equipped to provide the geographical service, but was not yet prepared to offer direct mailing. According to her, the organization was currently developing various mailing lists before providing the service.
These lists would include persons in various professions or groups, including doctors, lawyers or other professional groups and associations. The Postmaster General added that if a client has a ready mailing list of its target group, then direct mailing would be accommodated.
The cost of both geographic and direct mailing was subject to the volume of items being delivered, although geographic mailing would be offered at a lower rate, Dr. O’Meally Nelson said.The Postal Corporation is currently observing World Post Week (October 3 – 9) under the theme, ‘The Worldwide Postal Network’.

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