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Mayor of Portmore, Keith Hinds, is urging residents to utilise the many services offered by the new collectorate, located in Braeton Parkway, Portmore Pines, St. Catherine.
“I say to the citizens of Portmore, you are very articulate about the services that you want to be delivered to you; now put your money where your mouth is and watch the Municipality at work,” the Mayor said.
Mr. Hinds was speaking at the official opening of the collectorate, yesterday (August 7). Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw, cut the ribbon to officially open the building.
The collectorate was opened to the public on July 28 and approximately $30 million in taxes was collected from 2,811 cash transactions, up to the end of July. Mayor Hinds said there are a number of developmental activities planned by the Municipality. “But we cannot do it without the support of the citizens,” he stressed.
He said the Municipality has been moving speedily, not only to create a “business minded community,” but one that is geared towards paying taxes.
The Mayor pointed out that the Municipality would soon be in possession of a business plan for the construction of a new 300,000 sq. ft. complex in Portmore. A management consultancy contract was signed in July by Global Business Support Services Limited, to write a business development plan for the new building.
Acting Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Darlene Morrison, said the establishment of a tax office in Portmore is in keeping with the development of the area, and the need for residents to be provided with all the services associated with a city.
She said a survey conducted by the Tax Administration revealed that approximately six per cent of all tax office transactions islandwide relate to persons and businesses with Portmore addresses. It also showed that over 90 per cent of Portmore transactions were done in the busy Spanish Town, Kingston, Cross Roads and Constant Spring collectorates.
Miss Morrison pointed out that surveys were also conducted in Portmore to obtain information on the services that should be offered, the operating hours and location preferences.
“These surveys were very informative and guided the Government’s decision to pursue the establishment of a tax office in Portmore,” she said.