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Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), HE Dr. Edwin Carrington has sent a message of condolence to the Government and people of Jamaica in the wake of Friday’s fatal accident at Dam Bridge in the Rio Grande Valley area of Portland.
Following is Dr. Carrington’s message:
“I have just received the news of the tragic accident which took place on Friday, 19th December 2008 at Dam Bridge in the Rio Grande Valley area of Portland, Jamaica, and which took the lives of 14 Jamaicans, including eight women, five men and a young boy.
The people of the Caribbean Community join in expressing its condolences to all Jamaicans, especially the bereaved family members. The accident which was reportedly the worst ever recorded in the parish and probably the worst ever recorded in terms of fatality in a single day in Jamaica has indeed reminded us of the fragility of human lives.
The indomitable spirit of our country folk is, however, well known. The Community therefore expresses the hope that the spiritual support upon which our people generally rely at times like these will support the families, particularly the children of those who died, at a time which should normally be a festive period in the lives of all our people.
I ask that you convey the deepest sympathy of the Community to the families of those who died in the hope that the knowledge that they are in the prayers of the people of the Caribbean Community will support them at this very sad time.”

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