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Several events will be staged in Portland to observe Health Month from October 1 to October 31.
The events, which are being planned by the Portland Parish Health Committee, will include a church service on October 1, in Buff Bay; an official launching ceremony on October 3 in Port Antonio; health fora on October 9 and 12 in Port Antonio and Buff Bay, respectively; a health exposition in Port Antonio on October 18, a health fair in Long Bay on October 28 and a health conference in Port Antonio on October 31.
Secretary of the Portland Parish Health Committee, Bentley Steer, told JIS News that a deliberate effort was being made to stage the events across a number of communities in the parish, in order to gain the participation and support of as many persons as possible in the parish.
He said the celebration would be carried out under the theme: ‘Our Nation’s Health Begins With Me’, adding that the planning committee was working assiduously to ensure the support of the young people of the parish.
Mr. Steer said that in addition to sensitizing the residents of the parish about the services offered by public health facilities in Portland, the activities have been carefully planned to alert them about the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles in order to prevent diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and HIV/AIDS.
He pointed out that at the health fair, there would be free testing for a number of illnesses, including heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and hypertension.
Mr. Steer implored the people of the various communities of Portland to give their support to the events, and make full use of the opportunities and services to be offered.

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