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Hundreds of needy Portland residents are currently receiving treatment for eye defects at an eye clinic being held in Port Antonio by the Rotary Club of Port Antonio, and the South Dakota Branch of the Voluntary Optometric Services for Humanity (VOSH).
The services being offered at the clinic include the provision of eyeglasses, screening for eye diseases, and examination for glaucoma. The clinic, which was planned as part of the activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rotary International, began on Monday, February 21 and will continue until tomorrow (Feb. 24).
Although this year’s clinic is part of Rotary Clubs’ centenary celebrations, the work has been a long-standing outreach activity of the Rotary Club of Port Antonio over the years, having been first held in 1984.
In a JIS News interview, Past President of the Rotary Club of Port Antonio and Chairman of the Club’s Avoidable Blindness Clinic, Dr. Satya Parvataneni said a total of 1,200 persons were expected to benefit from the clinic during its four days of operation.
Noting that persons receiving treatment at the clinic were from a wide cross section of communities in Portland, Dr. Parvataneni said the clinic was preceded by an extensive screening programme conducted by the Rotary Club of Port Antonio, for the purpose of identifying persons in need of the services being offered.
In commending the doctors and other health professionals on the VOSH team he said the Rotary Club of Port Antonio was pleased to be associated with the venture, and was heartened by the positive response it was being given by the people of the parish.
Meanwhile, Dr. Larry Morrison a member of the VOSH team said the group was happy to be able to offer these vital services and congratulated the Rotary Club of Port Antonio for organizing the project.

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