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The Portland planning committee is putting the final touches on the parish’s display for this year’s Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show, which gets underway next Saturday (August 5) in May Pen, Clarendon.
Crawford Clarke of the planning committee told JIS News that the exhibit would highlight the importance of banana production to the national economy as well as to sensitise the public about innovative ways of utilising the product.
He noted that the versatility of banana enabled the creation of a range of by-products, which could generate significant earnings.
In addition to the extensive market for banana chips, Mr. Clarke cited wine, bread, cake, raisins and beverages, as other by-products from banana.
He expressed confidence that the parish, through its display, would create a significant impact at Denbigh.He told JIS News that the farmers were fully supportive of the effort and were committed to the task of placing the parish at the forefront of agricultural production and diversification.
A project of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), the three-day Denbigh Agricultural Show will end on Monday, August 7.

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