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In its efforts to assist high school students of Portland to acquire a good education, the Eastern Portland Principal Association has awarded a scholarship to twelve-year- old Syriece Jones, a first form student of Titchfield High School, to help with expenses for the current academic year.
Syriece who is a former student of the Fellowship Primary and Junior High school in Portland was awarded a place after sitting the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) in March of last year. The $10,000 scholarship will among other things be used to purchase books and other resources that Syriece will need to successfully pursue her academic studies for the year.
This is the third consecutive year in which the scholarship has been awarded, and in order to be eligible for the award applicants should have at least one parent who is a member of the teaching profession, be involved in community activities and have a well-rounded academic performance at school.
Speaking to JIS News, President of the Eastern Portland Principal’s Association, Sylvia McKenzie said the organization was happy to be able to assist the student, considering the financial pressure, which the pursuit of a good education placed on parents and students in today’s world.
She said while the scholarship was currently awarded for one year, the Association was making every effort to extend it over a longer period, adding that in so doing, careful monitoring of the recipient’s performance would be conducted to ensure that they were deserving of continued assistance.
In congratulating Syriece, Mrs. McKenzie encouraged her to use the opportunity to her best advantage. Meanwhile, commenting on being chosen for the award, Syriece said she was grateful to the Eastern Portland Principal’s Association for its kind gesture, and gave the assurance that she would make every effort to vindicate its decision by continuing to do well in school.

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