JIS News

Preparations for Portland’s participation in the annual Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show are in high gear as the parish’s farming community works feverishly to make an impressive show at the event, which will be held, from July 30 to August 1.
Planning for the parish’s participation is being spearheaded by the Portland Denbigh Show Committee, which comprises representatives of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and the Portland branch of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS). Last year Portland registered one of its best performances at Denbigh, placing fifth among the parishes.
Speaking to JIS News recently, Crawford Clarke, RADA Parish Manager for Portland said the planning for the parish’s participation was being done in close collaboration with the farmers in the various communities to ensure their full participation and the procurement of the most attractive farming exhibits available.
He said special emphasis was being placed on the format used by Portland to display its exhibits, adding that every effort was being made to give full exposure to the expansion and diversification taking place in the parish’s agricultural sector, as well as to give practical expression to this year’s theme of “Eat what we grow, grow what we eat”.
Declaring that RADA was highly optimistic about the prospects of the parish performing well at the show, the RADA Parish Manager said every effort was being made to ensure that Portland surpassed the fifth place it won last year, even though that achievement had in fact made a significant mark.
Meanwhile, Thelma Williams JAS Parish Manager for Portland who asserted that the JAS branches in the parish were fully mobilised to participate in the event, added that despite the losses suffered due to the passage of Hurricanes Dennis and Emily, the farming community remained focussed and highly energised about their participation in the show.