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The Portland police have implemented a number of security measures in Port Antonio and surrounding towns, to ensure the safety of residents during the yuletide season.
The measures, which will significantly increase the presence of the police in the towns, will include foot and mobile patrols, monitoring traffic to ensure adherence to the regulations, and the institution of mobile police stations to serve communities where there are no permanent police posts.
Inspector Gary Flash, Sub-officer in Charge of the Port Antonio Police Station, said special effort would be made to enforce the no parking regulations in Port Antonio, in order to reduce congestion and ensure the orderly flow of traffic.
He noted that the mobile police stations would be complemented by foot and mobile patrols, which provide an excellent opportunity for the police to interface with residents.
According to Inspector Flash, Portland has been able to maintain a low crime rate over the years. He appealed for the cooperation of residents in order to ensure the success of the measures and exhorted motorists and pedestrians to be particularly careful in their use of the roadways, to prevent accidents.

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