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The Portland Parish Development Committee (PDC) will be aggressively monitoring the recovery effort in Portland following the passing of Hurricanes Dennis and Emily, to ensure that normality is returned to the parish as early as possible.
This decision was taken at an emergency meeting of the committee held at the Portland Parish Council on Monday (July 18).
Committee members agreed, that the PDC’s monitoring of the recovery process was of critical importance, because of the negative impact the damage caused by the hurricanes could have on the development of the parish, if not addressed promptly.
Of particular concern to the committee, was the dislocation resulting from the damage done to the Rio Grande Bridge in St. Margaret’s Bay, rendering it unable to accommodate vehicular traffic and cutting off Port Antonio and communities in Eastern Portland, from other sections of the island.
Syble Rendle, Chairperson of the PDC, said that disengagement of the Rio Grande Bridge had serious implications for the development of Eastern Portland and the well-being of its people.
She noted further, that the problem posed by the inactivity of the bridge, was compounded by the damage to the Yallahs Fording in the adjoining parish of St. Thomas.
Responding to this concern, Winston Palmer, Parish Manager for the National Works Agency (NWA), said that work was being undertaken to repair the railway bridge, which is adjacent to the Rio Grande Bridge, to facilitate vehicular traffic.
He informed that already, the western approach to the overpass had been bushed as a preliminary activity to the restoration effort.
Turning to concerns expressed by the PDC members about the amount of potholes on roadways in Port Antonio, Mr. Palmer said work to correct that problem would commence as soon as the railway bridge was operational, allowing the necessary material and equipment to be transported to that town.
He noted also, that NWA would be working with citizens of the Rio Grande Valley to upgrade roads in the area.

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