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The Portland Infirmary in Port Antonio is to benefit from a new laundry room with modern appliances at a cost of $3 million.
Ground was broken for the project on Tuesday, October 19. The scope of work will include the rehabilitation of the existing building and equipping it with washing machines, a dryer and a solar heat generating system.
The provision of these modern appliances is expected to improve service provided to residents and make doing laundry less difficult for staff, who now have to complete the task by hand.
Funds for the project is being provided through a joint public/private sector effort led by the Portland Homecoming Committee with support from the Portland Parish Council, the Rotary Club of Port Antonio, the National Commercial Bank, Coronation Bakery, Millers Construction Company, the Jamboree Choral of the Cayman Islands and the City Council of Inglewood in California, to which Port Antonio has been twinned for the past ten years.
Custos of Portland and Chairman of the Homecoming Committee, Roy Thompson told JIS News, that the organization was pleased to be associated with such a worthwhile project.
He said the committee felt a special obligation to respond to the needs of the infirmary and support its efforts to provide care and protection for the elderly and infirmed.
Mr. Thompson noted that the project was one of several other community development initiatives being implemented islandwide by homecoming committees in the various parishes.
Meanwhile, matron of the infirmary, Sharon Burke, thanked the supporting organizations for implementing the project and expressed confidence that it will go a far way to enhance the service offered to residents, while at the same time making work more comfortable for the staff of the laundry department.

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