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As the Portland Health Services continues efforts to reduce the level of mosquito infestation in the parish, focus is being placed on eradicating the breeding sites for the Anopheles Mosquito, which is the primary vector for malaria.
Public Health Inspector for the parish, Sharon Johnson, said that the work, which began in October, has so far covered some target areas including the Winifred Pond in Fairy Hill, the Anchovy Stream Margin in Port Antonio and the Lynch Park Drain in Buff Bay.
Ms. Johnson informed that the effort is an ongoing one, and other areas that will receive attention are the Kildare Pond in Buff Bay and the Grange Hill Pond in East Portland.

A resident assists in the clearing of the Winifred Beach Pond in Fairy Hill Portland as part of the mosquito control measure being undertaken by Portland Health Services in collaboration with the National Health Fund.

She explained that the work, which is being carried out with assistance from the National Health Fund (NHF), includes the cleaning, clearing, and bushing of drains, rivers, stream margins and ponds in the affected areas.
Imploring the residents to assist in the effort to rid their communities of mosquitoes, she urged them to keep their environment clear of garbage, and unwanted water holding containers.
The Portland Health Services recently carried out a public education programme on eliminating breeding sites for the aedes aegypti mosquito, which causes dengue.

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