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Cabinet has approved a proposal from the Trelawny Parish Council to sell two parcels of land known as Abattoir and Delgado to the Port Authority of Jamaica.
This was announced by Minister of Information and Development, Donald Buchanan, at the weekly post Cabinet press briefing, held at Jamaica House, on (July 23).
The Council is proposing to sell Abattoir lands, with an area of 531.1500 square metres, for the sum of $4.5 million and Delgado lands, which has an area of 1486.4 square metres, for $10.5 million.
“The above mentioned lands are required by the Port Authority as part of the redevelopment of the port of Falmouth,” Mr. Buchanan pointed out.
Section 112 of the Parish Council Act gives the Minister of Local Government the authority to approve the sale or lease of surplus lands owned by the Council.
The Minister informed that the Commission of Land Valuation Council has provided a valuation report dated April 3, 2007 for the Abattoir lands to be valued at $4.5 million and the Delgado lands for $10.5 million.
Mr. Buchanan said that the Trelawny Parish Council sought the views of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) on the proposed development.
“NEPA by memorandum, dated May 14, 2007, has offered no objections to the sale of the properties to the Port Authority of Jamaica, provided that the Council is satisfied that the lands are not required for any public purpose to satisfy the demand for services and amenities for the town of Falmouth,” the Minister said.

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