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The Port Authority of Jamaica, as part of efforts to mitigate congestion at the Port of Kingston, is monitoring the daily inventory of domestic containers and has acquired some 60 acres of land for additional storage space.
This is contained in a document tabled in the House of Representatives by Transport and Works Minister, Bobby Pickersgill on Tuesday (June 14).
In addition, the Port has acquired its own machines to allow it to stack containers in multiples rather than in single layers and the utilization of a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system allows for the determination of the location of individual containers on the port at any given time.
The Port Authority, the document said, is also working with shipping lines to ensure that the island’s receiving ports are in a position to take containers within a reasonable period.
In terms of infrastructure development, the Authority intends to complete a number of projects during 2005/06, including construction of the three story Kingston Container Terminal administration building; and the maintenance and replacement of beacons in the Kingston Harbour to mark access channels in keeping with international standards.
Other projects are the paving of lands in the Montego Bay Freeport and the construction of Breasting Dolphin at Berth 2 to enhance the safety of vessels during berthing operation. This project is expected to cost of some $68 million.

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