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The Police Youth Club movement will host its annual national summer camp from August 8 to16 at the Maggotty High School in St. Elizabeth.
The one-week camp will target young people from clubs across the island, who will be engaged in skills training and motivation workshops.
“Our summer camp will be held with a view to exposing our clubbites to different skills such as food and nutrition, art and craft, carpentry, and also seek to engage them to become good role models,” said Assistant Island Supervisor for the Police Youth Club, Corporal Tanecia Johnson.
She informed that the week would be one of fun and hard work, with instructors and presenters to be drawn from the Maggotty High School and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).
Corporal Johnson told JIS News that, coming out of last year’s camp, a number of young people were equipped with skills to enter the job market, with some of them joining the police force.
“Over 14 persons were enlisted in the JCF last year. I am a proud product of the Police Youth Club movement,” she boasted.
Meanwhile, come August 7, the Mandeville Police Youth Club will stage its annual family fun day at the Manchester High School, with sports, games and activities for the entire family.
The Mandeville Police Youth Club has an ongoing outreach programme where members assist needy persons in the parish.
The club recently raised funds to purchase gifts for a number of children’s homes, and gave the Mandeville Police Station a facelift.

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