Police Still Combing Evidence in Woolmer’s Death

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of Crime, Mark Shields, has said that the police are still sifting through evidence that could possibly reveal the suspect or suspects who are responsible for the murder of the Pakistani Coach, Robert ‘Bob’ Woolmer.
Speaking to journalists at a press conference held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel yesterday (March 26), the Deputy Commissioner said that no suspects have yet been identified. In addition, he said that there is still no clear motive for the crime.
“There is lots of speculation as it relates to the motive, and we [the investigative team] have a few ideas but I’m not in a position to share those with you today. Nothing is ruled out…if we get any firm leads then we go with it,” he said.
“We are in the process of sifting through the evidence within the [hotel’s] CCTV and we are looking at other electronic hotel records; that process is going to take some time to go through each of the CCTV on the twelfth floor, frame by frame. We are no where near calling names, all we have to do is keep an open mind and continue with the investigation,” he asserted.
“We have to be methodical and thorough in trying to identify every single person who was on that floor between those times, and at the end of it we might identify a suspect from that process,” he stated.
DCP Shields further disclosed that the police was in possession of Mr. Woolmer’s computer and was examining the hard drive “in order that we can see if there is anything else to establish a motive as why someone would want to kill him”.
He also noted that as far as in the investigation was concerned, the police were “still in the process of trying to track down as many witnesses.who were in the hotel on the day Bob Woolmer was murdered”.
In the meantime, he said that the First Secretary and Counsellor of Pakistan’s Washington embassy arrived in Jamaica on Saturday to liaise with authorities in order to facilitate the ongoing investigation. The Pakistani diplomats are here in response to an invitation from the Jamaican Government.
DCP Shields said that Pakistan Government representatives had already met with the Minister of National Security, Dr. Peter Phillips and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Foreign Trade, Senator Anthony Hylton, and had expressed satisfaction with the way in which the investigation was proceeding.
Mr. Shields also noted that there has been continued collaboration between the Jamaica Constabulary Force and law enforcement officers in South Africa and the United Kingdom.
“I’ve been in touch with my colleagues in South Africa to the effect that they are looking after the affairs of Gill Woolmer (wife). Bob Woolmer lived in South Africa.and in any international investigation it’s always good and prudent to have reliable liaison with the local police force,” he pointed out.
DCP Shields said that he has also been in dialogue with law enforcement officers from Scotland Yard, as well as other forces within the United Kingdom “with a view to seeking help when necessary”.
The local police have so far gathered statements, DNA and finger prints from the Pakistan team. DCP Shields further informed that this process would be continued “on anybody else that was in the hotel at the same time…it’s not just about being a team member, the focus is on people who were in the hotel.at that particular time”.
In addition, DCP Shields said that the laboratory was working on the toxicology and histology results. He further noted that the pathologist would undertake the coroner’s inquest with a jury, as soon as possible.
Mr. Woolmer was found unconscious in his room at the Jamaica Pegasus on March 18 and was rushed to the University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The pathologist report showed that he died of manual strangulation.

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