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The St. Mary police have implemented a number of measures to beef up security and prevent congestion in the major towns of the parish during the yuletide season.
These include the increased presence of police officers in public spaces, the imposition of zero tolerance for road traffic offences, and the enforcing of anti-vending laws to ensure that vendors peddle their wares in the areas officially designated for that purpose.
In an interview with >b>JIS News, Divisional Officer in charge of St. Mary, Superintendent Dudley Scott, said the measures have been put in place in Port Maria, Annotto Bay, Highgate, Oracabessa and other towns, in such areas as bus stops, markets, entertainment spots and other popular locations in the towns.
He said the police have also been intensifying their patrols and increasing spot checks along the roadways.
Noting that the police will be particularly vigilant for road traffic offences in the zero tolerance campaign, Superintendent Scott said the anti-vending laws will also be enforced, particularly as they relate to dry goods vending.
He pointed out that there are special areas in the towns which are designated for vending, and that absolutely no permission will be given for the operation of handcarts and the sale of ground provisions on the streets of the town.
The Superintendent appealed to persons who have to carry large sums of money to seek the assistance of the police, as the police are willing and available to provide such service at any time.
He also exhorted members of the public to give full support and co-operation to the initiatives being carried out by the police, as their input is critical to the overall objective of keeping the parish crime free during the Christmas season.

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