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Prime Minister, Bruce Golding has announced that Rear Hardley Lewin has withdrawn his resignation and will continue to serve as Commissioner of Police.
Addressing the House of Representatives yesterday (June 3), Mr. Golding explained that this decision was made following discussions with the Police Services Commission, Rear Admiral Lewin, and Minister of National Security, Senator Colonel Trevor MacMillan.
“The task of the Commissioner in leading the police force in the fight against crime and lawlessness is an enormously difficult and challenging one that requires the support of everyone,” Mr. Golding said.
“The Commissioner has been reassured that he has the full backing of the Government and the Police Services Commission. He needs to be assured as well that he has the full support of the men and women of the police force as well as the support of all the well thinking people of Jamaica,” he continued.
Mr. Golding also noted that in recent times the public has had cause to be alarmed at the spiralling murder rate and wanton acts of violence, but assured that the resources of the combined security forces are being fully mobilized to wage a vigorous and sustained initiative to “restore safety to our streets and communities, to apprehend criminals, dismantle the criminal gangs and recover illegal guns.”
“The cooperation and assistance of the citizens, especially those in the communities where gunmen parade the streets brandishing their guns and terrorizing defenceless citizens, are vital to the success of these efforts and I urge them to give the police that support,” he emphasized.

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